I’ve been making up stories since I could hold a pencil. Four years of college, writing in essay test booklets and spewing out what some professor wanted to hear, killed my love of writing. In 2005, while researching a home school writing program for my kids, I re-discovered my desire to write and ended up joining NaNoWriMo.

Seventeen days later, I had the beginnings of a fantasy novel. After I made the “mistake” of telling my relatives and friends I was writing, I decided to self-publish Eldala in 2007 through Since then, the stories have poured out of me like an Arizona flashflood during monsoon season.

I have a passion for writing medieval fantasy fiction, and my stories always have romance. I tried my hand at contemporary romance, but discovered I prefer making up my facts. Besides writing, I love to read historical and contemporary romance. My favorite authors are Kristie Cook, Teresa Medeiros, Mary Connealy, and Kaki Warner. I’m also a prolific blogger and spend too much time on Facebook.

I have three wonderful children, and have been married to the most encouraging man on the planet for twenty-four years. They’re my biggest fans, and without them I wouldn’t have written at all. We currently live in the Phoenix metro area, but will soon be moving to Western Montana. I’m hoping the fresh air and great outdoors will inspire me to finish Eldala’s sequel.